What I wish I would have known my Senior Year of High School.

First of all, if you don’t take anything from this article just remember…learn to live in the moment and to trust your gut.

Pretty soon you will be starting the “year of lasts”. You will have your last annual first day of school picture that you hate taking every year, but it makes your mom happy so you do it any way.  You will walk onto the court or field one last time in front of friends and family playing the game you love. In the spring, you will have your last prom and last ever day of high school.

You will be taking your ACT or SATs and hoping they are good enough to get you a scholarship to that school you’ve picked. Or, maybe you haven’t picked a school yet. That’s OK. When it comes to choosing a school, pick one that makes you feel at home. Pick one where you like the education vibes they give off. Pick a school where the professors make you feel like you can achieve what you work at. That will be the best school for you.

Before it all ends–Go to all the sporting events. Go crazy on dress-up days during homecoming week. Go out on the weekends and even on weekdays. Go do things you’ve never done before. You have accomplished so much. You have lost friends you realized you no longer needed and gained friends you never thought you’d like. You have spent nights making bad decisions only to have a foggy memory of them the next day. You have fought with your parents too many times to count but yet they still love you.

In the last months, it will seem as if you were just freshman trying to make your way to the right class while avoiding the seniors. You will feel as if you grew-up without knowing. But while you are going through all of this, just live it up. Live up the last few walks down the hall, and the relationships you have built with teachers. Most importantly, live up the family time you have at home. Whether you are going to school 50miles away or 1,000 miles away, these last experiences you have with family are what will stay with you when your gone.

So that being said, let your parents, siblings and even grandparents cry at your graduation. Or better yet, cry with them. This is a time to celebrate the accomplishments you have made over the years of your life, and quite honestly your family is the reason you are who you are today.

Make the most of your last year, I guarantee it will be the best one yet.

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