The Emotional Stages of ‘Back-to-School’

I dread going back to school, just like all other students around the world. Those 9 months full of boring classes, lectures, reading, panic attacks and endless hours of studying are not something people typically look forward to. And honestly, I think we all can understand why.

‘Back-to-School’ is a time filled with many different emotions. Those emotions being excitement, nervousness, and even stress.


This is probably one for the younger kids. They look forward to learning, seeing their friends and most importantly the recesses. Elementary school is probably where I have some of my best memories, from racing to get the best swing or even just playing tag on the playground equipment, those little activities made memories.

But, excitement is not limited to just the younger kids–we older kids get excited too! Well… maybe not for the same things. As I approach my freshman year of college, I am definitely feeling excited for what is to come. Excitement for the freedom, new beginnings, new friends and of course FUN!


I think this is one everyone can relate with. Everyone gets nervous for many different reasons, but school is more likely to be one rather than not. The feeling of not knowing anyone whether your starting kindergarten, middle school, high school, college or even just changing schools, this is a big one. Friends are what make you…well you, and without them it can make a person unhappy.

But thats not the only thing kids are nervous about, what about walking into the wrong class. That is one that can ruin your life…or so it seems. Let me tell you, from experience it is very unlikely to happen. Through all my 13 years of school (kindergarten through senior, no I didn’t fail a grade) , it never once happened to me.


Wait.. let me say that again…STRESS

This is one thing that school causes. Whether it be stressing about a project, a test, a class, a grade or even just school in general, stress is one thing that is hard to avoid. Granted, some struggle with it more than others, stress can make school unbearable if you are overwhelmed with it. We have all spent nights studying over and over for a test, only surviving off of coffee the next day, only to take the test and fail. That’s the life of a student, it’s a never-ending cycle that can easily cause stress.

–But through it all, generations upon generations have survived this season–so we can too!

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