Why I Hate that I don’t live on Campus

Ok–yes, I do know classes haven’t even started yet but I already hate that I’m not on campus. I have been on campus everyday for the part four days attending new student orientation and I wish I lived there.

Being a commuter, I feel like I am missing out on all the college fun. I feel like I am missing out on the experiences that make us into the people we are. As I lay here in my bed, I am bawling my eyes out. Why? Because it is 11pm on a Sunday night and I am doing nothing while every other college kid at my school is having the time of their life.

Don’t get me wrong, I love living with my Aunt, Uncle and cousins, but I wish it wasn’t separating me from the activities.

So, my advice to any and all other kids that are about to go to college. Live on campus. Yes, it does cost more. But would you rather pay for more, and experience life or would you rather miss out. That’s what I’m trying to decide right now. Any advice…shoot it down in the comments for me.

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