What It’s Like to “Break Up” With a Best Friend

Losing a friend of any kind is hard. Between the words said and tears cried there is really no easy way to deal with it.  We never think it is going to happen with our best friend and when it does it hurts more than anything.

Best Friends= The people who are there for you through everything good & bad and continue to stick by your side when you’re at your worst.

Recently, I lost one of the best friends I have ever had in my life and as much as I don’t want to admit it, it’s true…

Our friendship was different than others, it started out me flirting with him and then when it came a time that he was really into me I backed out of it and friend zoned. So you may be asking yourself, why would a guy stay with a girl that acted like that and as much as I wish I knew the answer I don’t that’s just how he was.

Even after I continued to not have the same feelings for him back I still hung out with him. Rather than 5th or 3rd wheeling with my friends who had boyfriends, I’d just invite him. Last year on New Year’s Eve, it was just a small group of my friends and I. As we can all image everyone was looking for a new year kiss. Well, not me. I didn’t have a guy and I was ok with that. Rather, he leaned in to kiss me and as rude as I am I left the party with another guy. Yep, that’s right.

Well, as you can believe we didn’t talk for quite some time. But, forgive and forget we started to talk again. As he started to talk to other girls, I wasn’t liking it. I would say crap about it and just stay sassy as always.

Yet, when I started to go through some family trouble he was always there for me. He would listen to me whine, cry and scream at times. Through thick and thin he was always there for me no matter how sassy I was back.

Just about a month ago I was removed from every part of his life. Through all the tears, I will get over it and move on. I honestly don’t even know why he kept dealing with my sass but he did and I am forever grateful. Unfortunately, no matter how much I hate to say it, I let a good guy go and whoever ends up marrying him someday is going to be one lucky girl. I forever wish the best for him in his future to come.

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