7 Things I Learned My​ First Semester Of College

  1. You won’t stay friends with your high school besties forever.

It hurts I’m not going to lie to you but in the end, it’s for the best. Everyone choices their own path after high school and rather you’re going to the same school or not you end up losing contact with each other.

    2. You don’t need to buy every textbook for all your classes.

I stressed and stressed about getting my books months before classes even started. Yet, the first semester is over and I don’t think I opened a single one once. Everything these days is basically online, and my professors recommended getting them but never actually taught out of them. (Check with prof first)

    3. It’s okay to cry because it can be overwhelming.

I remember crying just about every night the first week. Everything can be so overwhelming from the chaotic freshman orientation activities to cramming the syllabus week into 10minutes. So cry if you have to because I can promise you are not the only one feeling that way.

   4. Go to office hours and tutoring sessions.

As awkward as it may seem the first few times, going to professors office hours is one of the best things you can do for your grade. I refused for the first few months, but once I stopped being so stubborn I actually learned way more and improved my grades.

  5. The freshman 15 is more real than you’d like to believe.

My senior year of high school everyone was warning me about the freshman 15 and I just kept thinking to myself that it would never happen to me. Let me tell you–it happens and it happens fast! One day your sitting enjoying a few snacks and the next you realize you just gained 15 lbs from those snacks you kept eating during your late night study sessions.

6. You really do find your best friends.

Just like any other college freshman, I was nervous about having to make new friends. I know it doesn’t happen to everyone, but I met my now best friends during the freshman orientation days. If you don’t find close friends at first, don’t fret because you will eventually and you will realize you bond with them better than you do your old friends at times.

  7. It goes by faster than you think!!!!

IT IS ALREADY DECEMBER!!! Going into freshman year I thought that it was going to take forever and I was going to dread it, but rather it has been flying by. I have been on so many adventures and suffered through so many late night study sessions that I don’t even remember the first few weeks (let alone what we learned).

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