How to Successfully Procrastinate Studying for Final Exams

Well, let me start by saying that I am a pro at this. Over the past few days as I have been attempting to study for finals I accomplish way more than before–such as…

  1. I spotlessly cleaned my room, from folding clothes to scrubbing walls I did it all.
  2. Thinking about dropping out
  3. Spending hours looking up Christmas cookies and goodies to make, watching tutorials on how to make them, going to the grocery store to get the ingredients to make them and then afterwards spending hours making them to perfection–all I can say is that type of dedication is what I should have been using on my course notes.
  4. Searching jobs that I could get with just a high school degree
  5. Continue to think about the fact that you need to study but instead take a nap (or 4)
  6. Calculating how long I had until the final exam
  7. Look through old high school pictures and asking myself why I even went to college
  8. Scrolling so far down the Instagram Explore tab that I ended up creeping my cousins- best friends- sisters- boyfriends -best friends -cousins -girlfriends – neighbors-dogs insta profile
  9. Calculated what grade I actually needed to get an A in Chem 150
  10. Then instead calculating the lowest possible grade I could get and still be able to take Chem 160 in the spring
  11. Lastly, actually studying and praying that I wouldn’t fail

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