Skincare Routine

Hi everyone! Long time no see but as busy as I have been lately, I think that I’m going to take this blog in a different way than I had planned. I think I am going to base more of my content on skin care and such because I really just enjoy anything that has to do with clean skin and making it look better!

I’ll post another blog with what skincare treatments I use in a few days! But for now, here we go with my skincare routine……

I am one of those people who has to shower every morning, so while showering I wash my face. Normally I just use a basic soft cleanser just to get all the dirt out that could have appeared during the night.

Next, as I get out of the shower, I moisturize my face I use a light moisturizer on days that I plan on wearing makeup and a thick moisturizer on days I don’t. There is not really any particular reason I do this other than the fact that I put many layers of things on my face when I wear makeup so I feel that a thin moisturizer makes it less oily at the end of the day.

After, that is really all I do in the mornings since my nights are filled with many different treatments. At the end of the day when I’m ready to wash my face, I start with my light face wash again, and every other day I will use an exfoliator after just to clean out the dead skin. Once my face is feeling clean when I have time I do a face mask. I don’t have a particular face mask just any that I have. After I’ll do my curology¬†treatment, a retinol treatment and then my thick moisturizer.

TRY a free trail of Curology free with my code! Also, check out my previous post about how curology freed my face of acne!!

I try to keep my routine pretty basic since life can get busy and its hard to get time to do so many steps sometimes. Hope you enjoyed, and comment down below your skincare treatment!

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